Our UK based project Together Through Sport has launched

28th January 2023

A great start to our Together Through Sport project in collaboration with Compassionate Kenilworth and the Kenilworth Community Centre! We had people from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and Eritrea. 

The project aims to use sport to help refugees and asylum seekers become more connected and supported in their communities. For more information check out our Together Through Sport page here.

University of Warwick Trainee Teacher Cohort

27th January 2023

Proud to be fundraising with the University of Warwick trainee teacher cohort

The night was a great success and we look forward to more events together! The funds raised will go towards our upcoming UK work to support refugees and asylum seekers.

Our Year 2022

26th December 2022

Head over to our Instagram or Facebook accounts to see our report for 2022 

Kicking off this month's training with Fundlife International, based in the Philippines

3rd July 2022

Fundlife International is a purpose-driven, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to creating educational and employment pathways for highly vulnerable youth so they may unleash their potential to the world. Or, as they like to say, they enable all children to; Dream in colour! 

Their work targets 6 key areas; Education, empowerment, gender equality, peace building, infrastructure; and responding to emergencies. 

Their flagship programme, Football for Life Academy, was first launched in 2014 after the super typhoon Haiyan, which saw over 1 million children displaced, and 7000 casualties across the country. Since then it has evolved into a community-based holistic educational programme which uses football as a powerful educational tool. Together we have been exploring how Character Education and the 'Teaching Virtues Through Sport' approach can be incorporated into their delivery.

Equipment donation for The Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

12th June 2022

A small but specific equipment donation for the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

New project in Vietnam with The Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

9th June 2022

This month we have been working with The Blue Dragon Children's Foundation in Vietnam. Together we have been exploring how their sports programmes for young people can focus on virtues related to the organisation's mission and values: - 

Respect, not pity - Development, not charity - Empowerment, not dependency - Collaboration, not control - Massive interventions, not quick-fix solutions 

Blue Dragon finds children and young people in crisis situations: slavery, homelessness, and extreme poverty. They rescue people from danger, then work with them for the long-term so they can heal from trauma, injustice and disadvantage. 

Street Kids Through street outreach, Blue Dragon finds homeless children and offers shelter, family reunion, education, and health care 

Education Blue Dragon ensures disadvantaged and street children stay in school and receive an education 

Human Trafficking Blue Dragon is leading the fight against slavery and trafficking in Vietnam 

Legal Advocacy Blue Dragon offers a unique Legal Advocacy service for young people in crisis 

You can find out more about this incredible organisation by going to:

Exploring Teaching Virtues Through Sport with Playonside

1st May 2022

Together we are exploring how sport activities can be deliberately adapted to focus on virtues related to the organisations' key values: Social inclusion, gender equality and empowerment.

Playonside is based on the Thailand - Myanmar (Burma) border in Mae Sot, Thailand. It offers education through football and a range of other programmes on and off the field to educate and empower displaced Myanmar migrants and refugees. At the end of each weekend, around 1000 migrant children and young people from 27 different migrant schools gather to play, learn and compete while making new friends and expanding their networks. In 2019, Playonside was nominated for the FIFA Diversity Award for its work with migrant populations. 

Their context: The conflict in Myanmar between a military junta and civilian groups is the world's longest civil war spanning 7 decades. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been internally and externally displaced and the war has led to widespread poverty, corruption, food shortages and economic devastation In 2021, the military siezed power and thousands of civilians, including monks, were killed. Around Myanmar, 90,000 refugees live in the nine camps along the Thai-Myanmar border, and countless numbers remain in small refugee villages on the Thai border. About 200,000 Burmese migrants live in Mae Sot. PlayOnside plays an important role in implementing positive grassroot projects for the most vulnerable and marginalized migrants and refugees on the Thai-Burma border. Please follow and support the incredible work they do.

New project announced with Playonside

8th April 2022

Extremely happy to provide footballs for the NGO Playonside who use the power of football to educate and empower Burmese refugee and migrant children displaced in Thailand. 

We will be supporting the NGO and their sports coaches near Mae Sot, Thailand this month. Please check out the organisation to see the incredible work they do.

Kicking off our new coach education support with Habibi & Sport With Refugees

10th March 2022

Throughout this month we will be providing training and support for the organisation's basketball, football, handball and volleyball session leaders.

Through our 'Teaching Virtues Through Sport' approach we will also be providing training on how to adapt sessions to have an explicit focus on the organisation's values: Inclusion, Equality, Respect and Empowerment.

New project announced with Habibi and Sport With Refugees

25th February 2022

Over the following month we we will be supporting the coaches of Habibi and Sport With Refugees and helping expand their sport programme. We are also happy to provide football boots and a range of playing and coaching equipment.

Habibi and Sports with Refugees is a result of partnership between Yoga and Sport with Refugees, Habibi.Works and KOIZ Center for Postcolonial Studies. They aim to empower refugees and help them build important skills and become part of a strong community. They do this through sport activities which include boxing, yoga, running, volleyball, football and more.

University of Warwick Women's Football Club fundraiser

10th February 2022

We are very proud to be chosen by the University of Warwick Women's football club to fundraise with. 

Each year the club chooses a worthwhile cause and runs events to raise funds. The club has recently fundraised for local organisations supporting refugees in Coventry and was happy to support us and our upcoming work with refugees in Greece this year.

University of Birmingham Basketball Club fundraiser

28th January 2022

 We are extremely happy to be fundraising together with the University of Birmingham Basketball Club. We held a fundraiser and awareness event about people who are displaced around the world. 

The night was a great success and we look forward to more events together! The funds raised will go towards our next projects.

Our summer 2021 report is out now

12th December 2021

Head over to our Instagram or Facebook accounts to see our report for summer 2021 

Standing proud with the coaches of Lesbos

1st September 2021

A big thank you a well done to the Yoga and Sport With Refugees coaches in Lesbos, Greece. It was fantastic working with you and covering topics in Games-based Coaching, Coaching Mixed Ability Groups; and Coaching Styles. We wish you all the best in the future.

Kicking off with Greece based organisation Yoga & Sport With Refugees

20th August 2021

Here we will be supporting football, volleyball and swimming coaches of the NGO Yoga & Sport With Refugees. This incredible organisation looks to empower asylum seekers, refugees and migrants through sport, integrate them into the community, and help improving their physical and mental health.

Playing and coaching equipment for refugee camps in Greece

1st July 2021

Today we were happy to provide a range of football, basketball, badminton, handball and table tennis equipment to be used in various refugee camps in Greece. Coaching resources and activity cards have also been translated into various languages to allow people to lead their own sessions.

Our Lady By The Wayside Primary School Fundraiser

15th June 2021

This week we are running a fundraiser at Our fundraiser at Our Lady By the Wayside Primary school in Solihull, UK. Students will be having a non-uniform day and participating in presentations about refugees in Greece.

Coundon Court School Fundraiser

15th May 2021

Today we are are launching our Coundon Court School staff fundraiser in Coventry, UK. Teachers and support staff across the school will be competing in football, table tennis and badminton tournaments to raise funds for future Team PE International projects.